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Alexa Mini Camera (View Finder On) Configuration ATA Shipping Case

Camera: Alexa Mini Camera Case configured for Hand Held or Fly Mode. Camera attached to the EVF, BP8/9 Plate, Compact Shoulder Pad CSP-1, Mini Side Bracket MSM-1 (2) and Top Handle. Ample storage for the MVF- 1 Viewfinder, Mini Accessory Plates MAP-1 and MAP-2, Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1, Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3, Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-4, Support Rods 9.4" (2), CFast Reader and Cards protected with anti static foam. Large configurable AKS section large enough to accommodate such accessories as the Battery Adapter Plate BAP-1 Handgrip Set LBS-2, MVF-1 Viewfinder OR Transvideo Starlite HD-SARRIMonitors, and support cables. Case Size 23.5"x 16.5"x 16"
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Manufacturer Part Number: 3218-3
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Height 18.00
Depth 18.00
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